Making Ends Meet

Bringing happiness to your doorstep

Stoferno - the Greek word for Delivery

Did you run out of dog food? 
Need something from the pharmacy for your headache?
Hungry for a meal from your favorite restaurant, but  they don’t offer a delivery service?

You want something? We bring it!

Stoferno.gr allows you to order cross-category products from local stores and get them delivered in minutes, by utilizing a crowd-sourced delivery network.

Our Mission

We boost local business growth, generate an additional source of income for the average citizen and mediate your daily needs, all based on the Shared Economy model.


Dimitris Lykouris

Founder, CEO

Nikos Kousathanas Profile Photo stoferno.gr

Nikos Kousathanas

Founder, CTO

George Moultos co founder stoferno.gr team

George Moultos

Co-Founder, COO


Ελένη Παπανδρέου μέντορας mentor stoferno.gr instersys s.a.

Eleni Papandreou

CEO | Intersys S.A.

Christos Nikoloudis mantis business innovation stoferno.gr mentor

Christos Nikoloudis

CEO | Mantis B.I.